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Sprint and Hurdle Workouts

12/10/2018 A 12/11/2018 B 12/12/2018 A 12/13/2018 B 12/14/2018 A 15-Dec All Sprints General Warmup Warmup General Warmup Warmup Warmup Active Rest grass pickers grass pickers grass pickers OR Mesocycle 1 Acceleration Drills straight leg Sprint Drills straight leg straight leg Wall Drills backwards skips A Skip backwards skips backwards skips 5-7 short hills Theme

Wildcats head to the Mustang duals in Las Vegas

Woods Cross High School wrestling team is headed to Las Vegas Nevada to Shadow Ridge High School Thursday to compete in the Mustang duals at Shadow Ridge High School. The Wildcats are coming off a great performance at the Skyhawk showdown at Salem hills and a 51 to 15 victory over Provo last week and

Softball Open Gym

Softball Open gym starts January 2nd!!! Wednesdays from 7-9 p.m in the small gym Saturdays from 9-11 a.m upstairs on the balcony