Wildcats News · BOYS GOLF TEAM 2019

I want to thank all of you who tried out and appreciate you doing your best. I hope that you all feel like you had a chance to play enough golf these last two days to show what you can do. Golf can be an up and down game.

By the time all of the tryouts are complete we will have had about 36 boys tryout for this years team. It is always great to have so many of you try out. Putting yourselves out there in a tryout scenario is always a tough thing to do, so I thank you for your efforts in doing your best this week.

Here is the list of boys who will be members of the Woods Cross Boys Golf team:

Karson Bodily

Jacob Willes

Davis Creer

Schafer Iverson

Braxton Haslam

Ben Wright

Jason Gonzales

Hunter James

Max Johnson

Charlie Spencer

Brayden Allen

Tyler Barlow

Micah Mortensen

Kaleb Iongi

Rex Poulsen

Jon Howe

Jacob Connors

Josh Bennion

Liam Henriksen


For those of you on this list please inform your parents that there will be a parent meeting tomorrow at 6pm at North Canyon park (3900 Bountiful Blvd). It would be nice if you were there with your parents, if that is possible. It will only last 30-45 minutes. Again, if you are on the list, please go tell your parents right now that there is a meeting tomorrow night. 

For everyone else keep working hard and do your best. If you want to improve you will find a way to improve and put in the work to get better.

If you have questions your are welcome to contact me at dsimon@dsdmail.net.

Thanks again

Coach Simon

Coach Lavendar

Coach Sheldon