Wildcats News · GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM 2019-20

Congratulations to you all for making this years team. If your name is on this list please report to practice Wednesday at 3pm.

Gracie Browning

Taylor Evans

Liz Howey

Taylor Jackson

Grace Melum

Katie Longmore

Paige Sweeter

Elizabeth Busdicker

Kelly King

Bety Moeai

Emily Muhlestein

Macy Richards

Sam Atwood

Lauren Bodily

Isabella Garcia

Eliza Hoggan

Katelyn Hull

Sofia Mokofisi

Salome Pututau

Julianna Stanger

Brielle Gefrom

Elenoa Latu

Alisi Tauataina

**Congrats to you that have made the team. Plan on staying after practice for a few minutes tomorrow for a short meeting.

**Thanks again for all of you that tried out for the team this year. I really appreciate you putting yourself out there and trying out for the team.